Team, organizational & leadership coaching

Does your organization want to make progress within topics in agile, team structures, collaboration structures or product development & management? I’ll support you the change initiator as a coach and subject-matter expert.


As an acknowledgement to the fact that every context and situation is unique and requires interventions tailored for current goals, my method is based in working with an initiator or a group thereof to lead change while continously learning and adapting. And, yes, even this method will be adapted to your context :).

  1. Exploration & initial goal setting
    We’ll start together with identifying the areas where you think progress is most helpful, as well as bringing in the persons who are most affected and has the mandate to allow change within these areas.
  2. Observations & assessments
    Next up is creating a common deep understanding of the current situation and dynamics that benefit or hinder progress in relation to the goals. I’ll bring in tools such as surveys, active observations in different groups and formats such as cause and effect diagrams.
  3. Continuous planning, doing & learning
    Together with you or your group of change leaders, we’ll prioritize the most valuable starting points to identify continuous next steps. Concrete actions could be incremental structural changes, transformations of working methods, or me moving as a coach between different groups in your organization to work their respective goals in relation to the overall goal that we together work towards.

Workshops, trainings & inspiration

Need a spurge of progress, new skills or just inspiration? I’m available for workshops, trainings & topic conversations. And if you’re looking to increase your chances of success working in teams, I’ve co-created a 2 day training just for that: Mastering Team Dynamics.

Interim positions

Need an outside perspective to fill a role for a limited time? I’m available for interim positions within engineering leadership, product management, and agile change, with a base in my broad expertise from many roles.