Manifesto for organizational wholeness

In service of a sustainable future, we recognize that our organizations must transform through integration of all what is.


We integrate the perspectives of all who work in our organization by making accountability shared equally among us. Mandate is not taken away, and thus does not need to be delegated.


We integrate the benefits of our work with everyone affected by it. Employees, customers, suppliers, investors, community, society and the planet are all to benefit on equal standing.


We integrate learnings in the present as we go, realizing that the only worthwhile evaluation is one that leads to a next action. We trust in our collective ability to do the right thing in any given situation.

No matter our current state, we follow our hearts and common sense, trusting it will take us towards organizational wholeness.

This manifesto is written as a statement of intent for the consulting work we do. Does it resonate with you? Get in touch!