Stefan Lindbohm

Collaboration Coach

Hi, I’m Stefan. I help teams & organizations improve collaboration and ways of working to increase the value created by their efforts. I do this centered from a coaching perspective, helping you build on your existing abilities to overcome what is most relevant to your current situation.

Services I offer:

Expertise I bring:

Get in touch with me at stefan at lindbohm dot se, on Twitter as @stefanlindbohm, on LinkedIn or by phone on +46 (0)73 02 44 001. I am always open for lunch or fika.

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Reading is where I find the knowledge to go deeper on some of the topics that interest me the most.

These are some books that have contributed to my thinking:

You can find me on Goodreads if you’re curious on my book reading.

In addition to books, I listen to podcasts and read a lot of current conversation on the topics of leadership, organizations, development and products. I share what I find most interesting as @stefanlindbohm on Twitter.